Monday, April 18, 2011

Natividad’s nature resort: “Sirok ti Manga”

NATIVIDAD–“Sirok ti Mangga”, Ilocano for under the mango tree, is a new nature resort located in the foothills of the Caraballo Mountains in this small, quiet town which is hoping to boost its tourism industry.

Situated in the middle of a 10-hectare mango plantation owned by the municipal government, the resort, nicknamed StM, is ideal for camping and nature walks.

Its other facilities include a swimming pool, a few air-conditioned cottages, and a zipline, the first of its kind in Pangasinan, that is 150 meters long.

The zipline, called Sky Plaza, gives a view of the town proper and the surrounding areas.


StM, located in Barangay Pila, Bachelor East, is owned by the municipal government in partnership with private investors from the town.

Mayor Rodrigo Rafael said the resort was initially developed by the municipal government under the previous administration of Mayor Alejandra Supnet.

To bankroll the development of the tourism site, Supnet sought private investors from among the town’s residents.

The swimming pool and the cottages were built using the private sector investment while the zipline, which cost P6 million, was financed by the municipal government.

Income from the resort is shared between the local government and its private partners.

Rafael, who assumed as mayor in July last year, said he is carrying on with the development plans for StM.

Other facilities set to be built are a social hall which can accommodated seminars and conferences by government agencies, additional air-conditioned cottages, and a chapel.—LM

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